Global Studies (GLST)

GLST 101  Introduction to Global Studies  (3.0 Units)  

Interdisciplinary examination of social, economic, and political change in a global context. Understanding of world views, cultural contexts, and key international institutions as well as the development of skills necessary to live and work in a cross-cultural setting will be stressed. Strong emphasis on learning the techniques necessary to access and analyze varied sources of information about globalization. CSU

Recommended Preparation: ENGL 101.0, HIST 103, and HIST 104

Lecture Hours: 54.0

Transfer: Transfers to CSU only

GLST 102  Global Problems/Issues  (3.0 Units)  

This course introduces students to the origins, current status, and future trends of major transnational issues confronting the global community. Topics can include population trends, economic development and inequality, basic human needs (for food, water health care), human rights, international conflict and security concerns, and environmental problems. The course also focuses on global governance, including the study of collective global responsibilities.

Lecture Hours: 54.0

Transfer: Not transferable