Physical Sciences (PSCI)

PSCI 101  Principles of Physical Science  (3.0 Units)  

A general education course dealing with basic concepts of the physical sciences including astronomy, geology, meteorology, and oceanography. CSU,UC (UC credit limitation).

Lecture Hours: 54.0

Transfer: Transfers to both UC/CSU

PSCI 138  Work Exp Education Physical Science  (1-8 Units)  

Work Experience Education is a key element of Victor Valley College's comprehensive approach to career development. Work Experience Education is a 16-, 12-, or 8-week course that enables students to receive college credit for paid or unpaid work opportunities. This course helps students gain valuable on-the-job work experience while providing practical education, best practices in professional development, and academic guidance through the course of their work opportunity. The combination of practical experience and curricular development empowers students to be more competi tive, efficient and valuable employees upon completion of this program and/or their academic program trajectory. The course is ideal for students who are cross-training at their current worksite for upward mobility or seeking career changes, as well as those looking for entry-level occupati onaltraining through work-based learning experiences such as through an internship. Work Experience Education transforms community businesses, industries, and public agencies into expanded educational training laboratories.Credit is awarded on the basis of learning objectives completed and the number of hours the student trains.Students must create/complete new learning objectives each semester they enroll. Students may utilize their present work sites. More details are available in the Work Experience Education Office, (760) 245-4271, ext. 2281.The office, located in the Academic Commons, is open Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., 2:00-6:00 p.m., and by appointment. Please refer to the Work Experience Education section in this catalog for more information. CSU

Transfer: Transfers to CSU only