English as a Second Language Noncredit (AENG)

AENG 10.1C  Low Beginning ESL Computer Skills  (0.0 Units)  

This class is for ESL students with very little English skills who would like to learn the basics of computers. Students will learn basic computer literacy, keyboarding and internet skills for success in school and personal use.

Lab Hours: 54.0

Transfer: Not transferable

AENG 10.6  Low Intermediate Reading & Writing  (0.0 Units)  

This class is for non native speakers of English who are entering level three ESL. This class will focus on developing reading and writing skills. It is for people who already read and write English fairly well. Students will continue to develop their reading and writing in English. They will continue to learn grammar and spelling rules and will write loosely organized paragraphs.

Lab Hours: 108.0

Transfer: Not transferable