Board of Trustees

Elected by the voters of the community, the Victor Valley Community College District Board of Trustees is the governing body of the college.

The Board of Trustees sets overall standards and academic policies for the college and guides the development of college programs and policies.

Policies set by the board are implemented on a day-to-day basis by the superintendent/president of the district and a well- trained group of administrators, faculty, and staff on behalf of the trustees.

Many Victor Valley College students transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and the Board of Trustees designs those educational programs in conjunction with the entire network of community colleges and universities in California.

The Victor Valley Community College District Board of Trustees also works closely with local community and business leaders to establish programs which will benefit the community at large. These and other initiatives are parts of the Integrated Plan mandated by the Board.

Working with employers within the Victor Valley area, the Board of Trustees has approved a number of programs to train students for specific jobs. With these technical programs, the Board of Trustees aims to help provide greater vocational opportunities within the Victor Valley area.

The Victor Valley Community College District Board of Trustees is under the advisory supervision of the California Board of Governors, which oversees higher education in California.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for budgeting funds received from state and local districts for the benefit of the college and its student body.

Meet the Trustees

Trustee - Jennifer Tarpley

Mrs. Jennifer Tarpley

Trustee - Dennis Henderson

Vice President
Mr. Dennis Henderson

Trustee - Joe Brady

 Mr. Joseph W. Brady

Trustee - Sharon Pinkerton

Mrs. Sharon Pinkerton

Trustee - Brandon Wood

Mr. Brandon Wood